Change Activists Certification

DUBAI - 6th to 8th March 2023

In this continuously changing world, change is the capability which will stand out for individuals and organizations alike. 

This in-person certificate course is a premium course offered by Change Et Al. It covers understanding of change management and in depth learning of tools and techniques to apply while managing change. Our online self paced learning will create the foundation while classroom session will help you apply these concepts. During the class-room module, a case study will become the anchor and you will apply all the tools and techniques for true learning, preparing you for managing and leading change in a real life situation. 

Some of the Top global companies have adapted 4A Model of change as their official change framework. Our Change Management course is based on in-depth experience and a strong belief in the power of People, Process & Culture. 

ChatGPT in Change Management


We are pleased to include a special module on ChatGPT and conversational AI to ensure that our change activists understand the concepts and usage to make informed decision on change initiatives that they are driving. 

Who should attend this course?

The course is suitable for Change Management professionals, HR professionals, Project Managers, Business/process Analysts, Team Leaders/Supervisors, Senior Managers, IT Professionals or anyone else who is involved in change.

What will you gain from attending this course?

  • Change has three aspects. Problem solving, Deployment and Adoption. This program helps you connect the dots in all three aspects and lead change. 
  • Develop your capabilities in change strategy, project delivery, change delivery and continuous improvement.
  • Learn the skills and develop change management competencies to make an impact as a professional in a complex business environment.
  • Understand the various types of change that affect organisations. Learn how to apply different approaches to support the effective delivery of the organisation’s desired goals from each change initiative.
  • Lead innovation at the workplace and manage implementation of change strategies and change management process
  • Monitor and evaluate impact of change on leaders and teams


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Introduction

    • Welcome to the course! A message from the creator of the 4A program

    • Before we begin...

    • A brief history of Change Management

    • Introduction to Change Management and the 4A program

  • 2

    People & Culture aspect of Change

    • A message on People & Culture

    • People & Culture in Change

    • People & Culture - Test your Learning

    • Opportunity for discussion: An overview

    • Managing emotions through Change and Transitions

  • 3

    Tools & Resources

    • 4A Handbook

    • Your downloadable 4A Handbook

    • Conducting VoC and NPS

    • Your Downloadable Change Management Tools and Templates

  • 4

    Align Phase

    • Welcome to the Align phase

    • Align phase - Test your learning

    • Align: Principles

    • Opportunity for discussion

  • 5

    Apply Phase

    • The Art and Science of change

    • Apply: Principles

    • Lean and Six Sigma

    • Apply Phase - Test your learning

    • Opportunity for discussion

  • 6

    Accelerate Phase

    • Accelerate: Principles

    • Test your learning

  • 7

    Assimilate Phase

    • Assimilate: Principles

    • Assimilate Phase - Test your learning

  • 8

    Classroom Session

    • Classroom Sessions 6th to 8th March 2023

  • 9

    Next steps

    • Before you go...

    • Congratulations!

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Accelerate your career

Accelerate your career with one of the most sought after skill in the corporate world today. Whether you are building a team of change activists in your organization or just preparing for future change, your employees will appreciate the reward of this badge forever.


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Head of Transformation - Leading Bank

Best part of our session was the practical and real life examples coming from the trainers. Participants could easily relate to it.

Very simply explained

CHRO of a large Global company

We attended Change Management Training done by Change Et Al along with our leadership team. One of the best session touching all aspects of Change.

Amongst the best

Head of Talent - Large O&G company

We worked with some of the best trainers and facilitators during this training. Fantastic.

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Online training, 3 days Classroom training, Tools and templates, Electronic badge and certificate. Use CODE DXBJAN223 for 15% off till 31st January.

  • $3,250.00

    3 days Classroom training, Self paced eLearning Modules, Lunch during classroom sessions, Snacks during coffee breaks, Downloadable Guidebook, Downloadable Change toolkit with editable templates, Electronic badge and Certificate on successful completion.

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Lead Instructor

Director - Change Et Al

Karunesh Prasad

Karunesh is a certified Master Black Belt and Quality Leader on Lean Six Sigma methodology. He is also a Lean Start Up and Design Thinking practitioner. Karunesh is the creator of 4A Change methodology which is based on his experience working as Global Head of Quality & Simplification at GE, as Culture Integration Leader of GE Energy and years of consulting experience globally.