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Over the last few years, the way organizations manage Change has changed significantly. While the basic principles remain the same, organizations have become more complex and agility of the organization has become the biggest criteria for their success. With many generations working together in the same team, applying "One Size Fits All" principle does not work.

Change Et Al is a change management consulting company and we created Change Et Al Academy to provide learning intervention to enable organisations to change.

4A Model of Change was created to simplify the way organizations manage change. We are working with some of the best in class companies on multiple change interventions and our model is the result of many years of experience with contemporary and new age tools, resources and case studies.

We believe in the combined power of PEOPLE, PROCESS & CULTURE to manage Change.

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Build a Career in Change Management

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Change management is a competency that cuts across all functions. You can future proof your career by learning change management skills including facilitation skills, applying tools, managing projects, and get a certification. Our contemporary approach to this learning will always keep you ahead and irrespective of your current job, you will be able to move towards a new chapter in your career powered by change management skills.

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  • 24/7 access online courses

    Self paced learning on demand. You can learn at your convenience, at your time, on the go. Our easy to use mobile friendly content will make learning easy for you.

  • Best learning methodologies

    We combine proven and scientific learning interventions to create the best learning path for you. Videos, games, quiz. Learning need not be boring.

  • Face to face - Virtually

    No we are not faceless. Our instructors will be in front of you from time to time and explain, coach, & guide you through your learning journey.

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Recording of Webinar on "Career in Change Management"

In this webinar, Change Experts from various industries discuss on “Career in Change Management”

Verbatim Comments

See what participants have said about our past courses!

Compliance Leader

Global Energy company - Houston

Although I had previously experienced and lead change in my career, I think this program changed my approach on how I see and influence change. The training has given me the opportunity to understand simple and yet most critical key points that can either make or break employees trust and acceptance to change.

HR Leader - India,

Global Oil & Gas Company

For the last 6 weeks Tuesdays had become my new favorite day of the week! About 15+ of us from the HR teams across geographies and background along with Ruth Gertler and Karunesh Prasad had loads of interesting discussions around the only constant – CHANGE.

Sr. HR Director

Global Energy Company - Houston

The course was an intense learning experience (in a good way 😁 ) It helped me deepen my understanding of change management supported by tools and methodologies. I feel that this will better position me to lead change more confidently, efficiently, and effectively.

Amongst the best

Head of Talent - Large O&G company

We worked with some of the best trainers and facilitators during this training. Fantastic.

Vice President - Ops, India

Global Bank

Today successfully completed the online course of Change Management. Really good and every manager of the organization should complete/learn this course. Very useful. Now, I will try to start using the given tools for my proposed project on Integration of Teams (ie Branch Operations/Customer Service Desk/Business RMs).

Leadership Coach & Consultant

Philipppines - Manila

Just wanted to let you know that I found the foundational training / LMS very helpful especially for those who need a grounding on Change Management as a practice. I particularly appreciated the APPLY aspect of the 4A’s which is typically missing in the normal Communication-Focused Change Mgt initiatives I have seen before (and even was a part of).

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